Funambol Integration

]project-open[ provides an interface with the Funambol  PIM syncronization software. The integration allows ]project-open[ to exchange Contact, Task and Calendar information with MS-Outlook , Apple iPhone  and Google Android  devices.

This interface allows organizations to synchronize contact and task information between multiple client devices and ]project-open[.


]project-open[ -> Funambol:

  • ]po[ user accounts are automatically created in Funambol if the user is member of the profile "Employee".
  • ]po[ tickets and tasks are converted into Funambol tasks, if the Funambol user has the right permissions and is assigned to the task.
  • ]po[ contacts are converted into Funambol contacts.

Funambol -> ]project-open[:

  • Funambol updates to ]po[ contacts are imported into ]po[ if the user has write permissions on the contact. "Private contacts" (i.e. contacts created by a Funambol device) are not imported into ]po[.
  • Funambol updates to the fields "percent completed" and "task status" are written back to ]po[ if the user has write permissions on the task. Changes on other fields of the task are ignored and overwritten by ]po[.

Status and Maturity

Today (2010-09-18) the Funambol integration is under development.

  • Integration of users -> Funambol accounts is working.
  • Integration of tickets <-> Funambol tasks is working, Funambol status changes are written back to ]po[.
  • Integration of timesheet tasks -> Funambol tasks is not implemented yet. 

Setup and Installation

To setup the ]po[ <-> Funambol integration, please go through the following steps:

  1. Download the intranet-funambol package from CVS using the command "cd ~/packages/; cvs checkout intranet-funambol".
    Please see the CVS Updates & Versions and [Upgrade Tutorial] pages for examples on how to use CVS.

  2. Install Funambol on your server. Funambol by default uses port 8080, which is not used by a default ]po[ installation.

  3. Follow the Funambol tutorial on how to configure Funambol to work with a PostgreSQL database.
    Modify the /opt/Funambol/ds-server/ to use the ]project-open[ database also for Funambol.
    (Yes, this is correct, please install Funambol in the same database/user as ]project-open[. Funambol tables include a "fnbl_" prefix, so that they don't conflict with the OpenACS/]po[ tables.)
    jdbc.classpath=/opt/Funambol/tools/jdbc/postgresql-8.2-506.jdbc4.jar # (or wherever you have copied your PG JDBC driver)
    jdbc.password=secret            # you probably don't need to specify a password if you have setup correctly your pg_hba.conf)
  4. Execute "bash /opt/Funambol/bin/install" to re-install the Funambol database.

As a result you will find the Funambol fnbl_* tables in your "projop" PostgreSQL database.

The intranet-funambol package will synchronize ]po[ with Funambol every 30 seconds by default. You can change the freqquency in the Admin -> Parameters or manually run a synchronization by executing the SQL command: "select fnbl_sync();"

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