]po[ Employee

Employees is a sub-type of user and represent in-house employees of company running ]po[.

Employee Fields


  • Employee ID:
    Object ID of the employee. References acs_objects.object_id.
  • Department ID:
    Department where the employee is working. References cost center/department.
  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Availability:
    Percentage of employee availability. 100 means full-time employee.
  • Supervisor ID:
    ID of the employee's boss.
  • Social Security Number:
  • Salary:
    Monthly salary, expressed in default currency.
  • Social Security:
    Monthly social security cost for this employee
  • Insurace:
    Monthly insuracne cost for this employee.
  • Other Costs:
    Monthly other costs for this employee.
  • Currency:
    Not used anymore. The default currency is assumed for all financial fields of im_employee
  • Salary Period:
    Should be set to "month". No other salary period is supported at the moment.
  • Salary payments per year:
    Should be 12 for normal monthly payments, or 14 for monthly payments + Summer + Christmas extra payments.
  • Birthdate:
  • Hourly Cost:
    Compound hourly cost (based on ABC of Compound Costing controlling methodologies) of the employee. This amount should indicate the company's total cost for this employee. The sum of the hourly cost of all company employeess should be identical to the total expenses (both fixed and variable) of the company.
The following fields are not used anymore by ]po[ in the default configuration. However, you can re-enable these fields using DynFields.
  • Depedant?
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Only Job?
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Married?
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Dependants:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Head of Household?
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Skills:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • First Experience:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Years Experience:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Educational History:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Last Degree Completed:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Employee Status ID:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Termination Reason:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Voluntary Termination?
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Signed NDA?
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Referred By:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Experience ID:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Source ID
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Original Job ID:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Current Job ID:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Qualification ID:
    Not used in ]po[.




Structure of the im_employees database table:

 employee_id              | integer                  | not null
 department_id            | integer                  |
 job_title                | character varying(200)   |
 job_description          | character varying(4000)  |
 availability             | integer                  |
 supervisor_id            | integer                  |
 ss_number                | character varying(20)    |
 salary                   | numeric(12,3)            |
 social_security          | numeric(12,3)            |
 insurance                | numeric(12,3)            |
 other_costs              | numeric(12,3)            |
 currency                 | character(3)             |
 salary_period            | character varying(12)    | default 'month'::character varying
 salary_payments_per_year | integer                  | default 12
 dependant_p              | character(1)             |
 only_job_p               | character(1)             |
 married_p                | character(1)             |
 dependants               | integer                  |
 head_of_household_p      | character(1)             |
 birthdate                | timestamp with time zone |
 skills                   | character varying(2000)  |
 first_experience         | timestamp with time zone |
 years_experience         | numeric(5,2)             |
 educational_history      | character varying(4000)  |
 last_degree_completed    | character varying(100)   |
 employee_status_id       | integer                  |
 termination_reason       | character varying(4000)  |
 voluntary_termination_p  | character(1)             | default 'f'::bpchar
 signed_nda_p             | character(1)             |
 referred_by              | integer                  |
 experience_id            | integer                  |
 source_id                | integer                  |
 original_job_id          | integer                  |
 current_job_id           | integer                  |
 qualification_id         | integer                  |
 hourly_cost              | numeric(12,3)            |



Related Data-Model:

Related Object Types:

  • Person defines the name of an employee and DynField extensions, users defines the password and other fields relevant to logging into ]po[ and parties defines the Email and the employee's URL.

Related Packages:

Related Module:

  • This object type is part of the ]po[ human resources module (functional area).

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