]po[ Timesheet Price

Timesheet Price represents the price list for services delivered by logging hours to projects and timesheet.


Timesheet Price Fields


  • Price ID:
    Object ID of the price entry.

  • UoM ID:
    Unit of measure of the price item. Should be "hour" usually, in order to allow for the timesheet invoicing wizard to create financial documents semi-automatically.

  • Company ID:
    The company of the price list. Choosing the [internal company] here will define the price as a system wide default.

  • Task Type ID:
    The type of the task. Currently not used in ]po[.

  • Material ID:
    The material or "service type" of the task. Example: "Senior Consulting Hour".

  • Valid From:
    Currently not used in ]po[.

  • Valid Through:
    Currently not used in ]po[.

  • Currency:
    Currency of the price. There is no conversions of prices defined between different currencies, so you need to define a price for each currency.

  • Price:
    The price for the service.




Structure of the im_timesheet_prices database table:

create table im_timesheet_prices (
        price_id                integer
                                constraint im_timesheet_prices_pk
                                primary key,
        -- "Input variables"
        uom_id                  integer not null
                                constraint im_timesheet_prices_uom_id
                                references im_categories,
        company_id              integer not null
                                constraint im_timesheet_prices_company_id
                                references im_companies,
        task_type_id            integer
                                constraint im_timesheet_prices_task_type_id
                                references im_categories,
        material_id             integer
                                constraint im_timesheet_prices_material_fk
                                references im_materials,
        valid_from              timestamptz,
        valid_through           timestamptz,
                                -- make sure the end date is after start date
                                constraint im_timesheet_prices_date_const
                                check(valid_through - valid_from >= 0),
        -- "Output variables"
        currency                char(3) references currency_codes(ISO),
        price                   numeric(12,4)


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Related Packages:

  • The [timesheet invoicing package] includes a wizard that uses timesheet prices to convert logged hours into invoices and quotes.


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