CKM Collaboration

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Collaboration within ]project-open[ is a horizontal process that is integrated and integral part of several other processes.


Process Activities

  • Remote-presence and "meeting" with other team members
  • Structured 1:N and N:M communication
  • Capturing and archiving past user interactions
  • Full-Text search access to past user interactions


Process Input


Process Output

  • Captured user interactions accessible via full-text search


Process Support by ]po[


]project-open[ has been designed from scratch with the idea of seamless user interaction during all major operational processes.


  • Internet-level application security is the pre-condition for collaboration. Thanks to the high levels of security it is possible to provide both providers and customers with online-access to ]project-open[.

  • Fine-grain access permissions allow to control the access of external users to operational and knowledge resources. Tight access permissions are a pre-condition for collaboration.

  • The forum package provides discussion forums related to projects, companies, object-type-user users and other objects.

  • The [blog package] allows users to share opinions and solutions.

  • The chat package allows users to chat online.


Process Performance Indicators

  • Number of discussion threads and messages
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