]po[ Version 4.0

  • Released: April 30th, 2013
  • Current Status:

]po[ V4.0 requires new versions of OpenACS, AOLserver and PostgreSQL, so customers with AOLserver 3.3.x or PostgreSQL 8.1 or below will have to update their entire installation. This is the reason for the change in the "major" release number to V4.0. These changes are justified by several main improvements: 

  • XoWiki :
    You are probably looking at XoWiki right now - this page is part of our XoWiki.
    XoWiki comes with the Xinha  WYSIWYG HTML editor and integrates seamlessly
    with ]po[ objects, allowing to mix structured information (projects, tasks, users,
    customers, ...) with unstructured information.
  • AJAX Support :
    The new OpenACS version (5.7) includes support for a number of AJAX libraries.
    AJAX support is going to become progressively more important in the next versions of ]po[.
Important new functionality and enhancements:
  • MS-Project Round-Trip Integration:
    V4.0 allows you to start your project in ]po[, import a project schedule from MS-Project,
    continue to edit information in ]po[, export the results to MS-Project for further editing,
    import the results and so on.
  • Group/Skill based Project Planning:
    V4.0 allows project managers to use placeholders "Skill Profiles" when planning a project.
    Typical examples are "Project Manager", "Consultant", "Senior Developer" etc.
    These Skill Profiles are replaced by natural persons using a staffing process once the
    project changes from planning to execution. This functionality is working and will be
    part of V4.0. However, we plan to improve the GUI for the staffing process in V4.1.
    Please inquire at our SourceForge  Open Discussions
    forum for details.
  • SCRUM and Agile Project Management:
    V4.0 now supports SCRUM and other agile methodologies. You can even mix classical with
    agile project management in a single project. The following SCRUM Tutorial explains
    you how to configure the ]po[ packages.
  • LDAP and Active Directory Integration:
    V4.0 includes a configuration wizard that guides users through the process of setting up
    Active Directory integration. 
  • Idea Management:
    Users can enter "ideas" or "project proposals" into a public list, while other users can vote
    for these ideas, creating a way to prioritize change requests etc. The standard helpdesk
    allows for an orderly execution of approved ideas.
  • Project Baselines (Enteprise Edition):
    This package package stores "versions" of a project and allows users to compare the
    current project plan to previous plans. The package depends on the Audit commercial
    package and may become part of the ]po[ "enterprise" version.
  • Financial Planning (Enterprise Edition):
    The package allows for financial/cashflow/budget planning per project phase,
    project member, cost type and date (month, quarter, year). Planned values are
    integrated into the project's financial summary.
  • Project Portfolio Management:
    ]po[ now allows to define define portfolios of projects and includes a number of reports
    and indicators in order to track portfolios.
  • Project Risk Management:
    This package allows to manage a risk plan per project. A graphical indicators shows
    summarized risks.
  • Sharepoint Integration:
    An optional future package that links ]po[ projects to a Sharepoint server for storing
  • [Mail Tracking]:
    An optional CRM package capable of associating incoming and outgoing
    mails with users and projects.
  • Funambol integration (Outlook and mobile devices):
    The Linux version of ]po[ V4.0 will include an experimental Funambol integration.
    Funambol  is a SyncMS server allowing to synchronize tasks and calendar items across
    mobile devices and PIM software including MS-Outlook. The installation of the Funambol
    integration currently requires manual interventions from an experienced Linux system
  • SLA Management and improved Helpdesk (Enterprise Version):
    A ITSM package that provides "SLA Parameters" to capture contractual rules defined in
    SLAs and a component for SLA working hours. Indicators automatically track the value of
    SLA parameters, warning managers if defined SLA levels are close to be violated.
  • CVS Integration:
    This optional ITSM package allows to import CVS commits into ]po[, automatically associating
    commits with projects. The package also allows to generate CVS+ACL configuration files,
    effectively allowing to maintain CVS permission configuration in ]po[.
  • System Configurator:
    A new configurator allows to export a ]po[ configuration into CSV (Excel) format and to apply
    the configuration to a new server. This configurator allows us to define several "verticals" for
    ]po[ with very specific configuration, effectively reducing the effort necessary to adapt ]po[ to
    a user's needs.
Other Features and Enhancements
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