Timesheet Management


Timesheet Management allows you to see how many hours have been spent per project and customer. You can compare projects and their resource consumption.

Decisions & Benefits

  • Qualitative Decisions
  • Project Related Information
  • Employee Productivity
  • Financial Controlling

Setting up Timesheet Functionality

No particular setup/configuration is necessary. Basic functionality is provided 'out-of-the-box' All Employees are entitled to log hours against projects they are a member of.

Please see TS Configuration Tutorial for advanced configuration options.

Timesheet Entry

Generic Timesheet vs. Project-Specific Timesheet

Calendar View

Calendar View

TS portlet available from the projects 'Home'.

Portlet TS

Filtering Timesheet Entries

If users are members of multiple projects, the output of the TS entry page can be limited by making use of the filters offered in the side menu of the page


Logging time for other users

Some users might have the privilege to log or change hours for other users. In this case they get an additional drop down on the TS Calendar View:

Logging time for other users

In order to log hours for a different user please apply the filter. Next go ahead to log or change the hours for the user selected.


Timesheet Reporting

The following Timesheet Reports are provided:

Timesheet Workflows

Please see Package Intranet Timesheet2 Workflow 

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