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Managing Companies

List of Companies

To get a list of companies managed by the system refer to http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/companies. 

Find a Company

The quickest and most convenient way finding a company is probably using the ]po[ Full Text Search. A search box is located on the top right corner of each ]po[ screen. Alternatively you can go to http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/companies and browse or filter by company name.

Creating a new Company

To create a new company please use the Admin link "Add New Company" on http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/companies 

With every creation of a new Company, a new Office will be created which then becomes automatically the 'Main Office' of this Company. Technically Address data is always stored with an Office and never with a Company.   

Assigning Employees to Companies

On order to manage relationships between Employees and Customers, a relationship can be created using the "Company Employee" portlet component:

Company Employee Portlet

Assigning Company Members

Employees of Customers or Providers are managed with component portlet "Company Contacts":

Company Contacts

Delete a Company

To delete a company please set its status to "deleted". 

The "internal" company

The "internal" company is the company ]po[ is installed for. Please make sure that there's only one "internal" company in the system.  

Find past Projects related to a Company

Portlet "Company Projects" provides a list of Projects related to the Company:

Company Projects

Export Companies

Company information can be exported into a CSV file. A download link is available in the companies list page's side menu (http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/companies).
Respective permission are required. If the link is not available, you might not posses the necessary permissions.

Permissions to view Companies 

Access to customers is controlled by two methods:

1. If the user has the privilege "view_companies_all" he can see all companies(customers and providers) directly.
2. Without the "view_companies_all" privilege the user needs to be a "full member" (read access) or a "key account manager" (write access) of the company.

This way you can provide "Senior Managers" with access to all companies without administration hassle, and you can distribute customers to your sales team so that each sales rep can't see the customer and potentially the financial information associated to it. 

Managing Company Financials

Profit made with company

To get a quick overview how profitable the most recent projects with a given Customer have been, please refer to the portlet "Company Profit": 

Company Profit 

In addition to that, several ]po[ Reports are at your disposal to determine financial success of the business relationship. For an overview please refer to Report page 

Managing Prices

Default Sales Prices for services provided can be defined in the Customer Price List Portlet of the Internal Company

Company Timesheet Prices

Default prices as defined for the Internal Company can be overwritten by setting prices for individual customer.
Multiple prices can also be bulk-uploaded  by System Administrators based on a CSV/Excel sheet.

When creating invoices with ]po[ as described in this tutorial, the price finding algorithm suggests prices based on information provided.  

Managing Leads & Opportunities

Leads & Opportunities can be managed the following way:

a) For each lead create a new company record. The status of the Company can be set to "Potential"
b) Create for each user related to theat Lead or Opportunity a user record and assign them to the company (see portlet "Company's contacts")
c) Set 'Primary Contact' of Company accordingly
d) Create a new Project for that Customer and give it the status 'Potential'
e) Using the projects 'Forum' component you create a 'Note' for each activity undertaken.
f) Get a list of all current leads by filtering the project list (/intranet/projects/) based on "Project Status"

Many clients add additional "Project Attributes" using DynFields only for projects of type 'potential' to grade and prioritize leads.

Integration with CRM tools

Integration with SugarCRM

Find here more information on integration with SugarCRM.


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