]po[ Version 5.0

  • Expected Release: 10/2017
  • Current Status: Beta-4, Linux VMware available for download

V5.0 is a major release because of major new features and a renewed technical infrastructure that is incompatible to previous versions. Please see "Platform Changes" below and V4.0 -> V5.0 upgrade instructions for details.

New Functionality - HTML5 / AJAX

]po[ V5.0 now includes the HTML5 libraries Sencha ExtJS 4.2.1 and Sencha Touch 2.4.2 as part of the core architecture. HTML5 packages can leverage a generic REST API, so developers don't have to write any back-end code:

  • Gantt Editor:
    A HTML5 Gantt Editor with drag-and-drop editing of project schedules similar to MS-ProjectProjectLibre or GanttProject.
    Currently, only "manual scheduled tasks" are supported, where the user determines the start- and end of each task. Future versions will include single- and multi-project scheduling engines.

  • Portfolio Planner:
    A HTML5 Portfolio Planner with drag-and-drop editing of project portfolios, allowing for what-if scenario planning in order to optimize financial performance while taking into account resource constraints and inter-project dependencies. It also allows to answer questions including: "Do we have the resources to complete our projects in time?" or "Where are the bottlenecks in our organization?"

  • [Task Management]:
    A pretty HTML5 display of the tasks assigned to a user on a project. These displays are a lot more user-friendly then the current display of assigned tasks.

  • Mobile Timesheet:
    A HTML5 Mobile Timesheet Logging App for Android & iOS allows users to log hours on mobile devices.
    This application has "experimental" status, even though it is shipped together with V5.0.

  • HTML5 Charts, Diagrams, Widgets and Indicators:
    V5.0 includes several new HTML5 charts visualizing performance indicators.


Platform Changes

V5.0 uses new and incompatible changes of it's three main infrastructure components:

  • PostgreSQL Database
    V5.0 supports and requires PG 9.2, while V3.x and V4.x supported and required PG 8.4.
  • Application Server
    V5.0 uses NaviServer 4.99.8, while V3.x and V4.x only supported AOLServer 4.5.1.
  • OpenACS Community System
    V5.0 is based on OpenACS 5.9, while V4.x were based on OpenACS 5.7.
  • VMware Linux Version
    V5.0 is based on CentOS 7, while V4.x where based on CentOS 6.3. 

These changes are the reason for the release of a major version, meaning that upgrades from previous versions are not automatic. Please see the V4.0 -> V5.0 upgrade instructions for details.


Other New Packages

]po[ V5.0 contains several new packages in "classic" technology:

  • [CSV Import - Master Data Import]:
    This package allows to import projects, users, tickets and other business objects from CSV (Excel) tables.

  • Rule-Engine for Notifications and Events:
    The rule engine allows you to define actions that are executed once a value of a project, a task or any other business object (future) changes or reaches a certain value. For example, a task reaching 100% could trigger a notification email to the project manager. Both conditions and actions are defined using TCL expressions, allowing for full access to the system and integration with external systems. 

  • Project Portfolio Margin Tracker:
    This Sencha HTML5 widget shows the development of current project margins vs. baseline values.

  • Project Milestone Tracker:
    This Sencha HTML5 widget shows the development project project milestones over time.

  • [CRM Opportunity Tracking]:
    This package maintains a list of opportunities during the qualification and sales cycle (sales pipeline).

  • [Service Contract Invoicing] (experimental):
    This new package introduces the notion of a "service contract" with certain parameters including a monthly fee, a number of free service hours and the price per additional service hour. A (semi-) automatic invoicing functionality allows to process many service contracts in "batch mode".


Non-Functional Features

  • New Menus with sub-Menus Performance:
    The main menus tabs on the top of the page now include sub-menu items for frequently used functions. This structure saves an important number of server round-trips and improves overall system agility.

  • Optimizations for 40.000 Users and Customers:
    We have optimized a number of pages in order to deal with large numbers of customers and customer contacts


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