]po[ CRM Contacts

This packages allows for the storing of customer contact information and further integration of these contacts throughout ]project-open[ in CRM sensitive situations.  Controls and manages storage of address information for customers, employees and their companies.  Structured discussion forums (discussions, news, tasks, incidents) can be associated to specific projects and customers, concentrating all activity related to customer acquisition and management during the customer life cycle.

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The ]po[ Contacts package has not been "productized" yet and therefore it is not yet part of the official  ]po[ distribution. However, it's already used internally by ]project-open[ Core Team and offers as of 04/2010 the following functionality. 

  • Define and manage "Searches"
  • Export results to CSV format
  • Send mass mails to a sub group of users that have been defined by a "Search" to support Campaign Management


The screen cast below shows the scope of the current implementation: 


It is planned to extend the package to further support typical CRM tasks so that an integration with external CRM tools becomes obsolete.
Please get in touch with us if you are interested in sponsoring this efforts.

Note: See CRM Module on how to manage your sales pipeline using V3.4


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