Configuration Wizard

The configuration wizard guides you through the basic setup of ]po[, directly after you have installed the system. However, you can run the configuration wizard at any time via Admin -> SysConfig.

Basically, the configuration wizard summarizes the most important configuration options from the configuration overview. It can save you a lot of time, particularly if you want to "simplify" the system and disable all elements that are absolutely necessary for your business.

The first screen will ask you about your business sector.

Information Technology
IT Operations, Software Development, IT Consulting, Software Testing, ...
Business Consulting
Strategic Consulting, Financial Consulting, Organizational Development, ...
Translation and Localization
Translation, Software Localization, Technical Documentation, ...
Advertizing & Web Development
Advertizing or Interactive Media development...
Product Development & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Marketing, ...
Other / Everything
None of the above fits my organization. Please install everything
In the third screen you can choose the level of simplification you want to apply:

Simplified System
Install only essential packages.
This option is useful for first time ]project-open[ users and users who don't want to be confused by the system.  
Default System
Install frequently used packages and disables less frequently used extensions.
Complete / Full Installation
Install everything.
This option is useful if you are checking for specific features/ options for your organization or if you want to enable/ disable features yourself. 


If you want to learn about the features of ]po[ we recommend you to use the "Complete / Full Installation" options and simplify the system in the following sections of the configuration process.

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