Improvements Resource Planning Report

Use Cases implemented as of Feb/2012:

Resource Planning Report:

  • Scope of capacity utilization
    • Planned hours (distributed equally over task duration and and task members)
    • Absences
  • Show aggregated capacity utilization for
    • Members of a particular department
    • Projects filtered by project status
    • Projects filtered by project type
    • Time scale: Week/Month/Quarter

Request for extension

  • PM_RP_001:
    Show aggregated capacity utilization for projects of a particular program 

  • PM_RP_002:
    Extend  Resource Planning Report so that not only employees are considered but also Freelancers
    (Requires also adjustments in other modules)

  • PM_RP_003:
    Distribute work over Task members based on "percentage"
    Task001 has task members A&B. A is in charge of  40% of the work assigned, B takes over 60%
    Instead of distributing workload equally over both task members, distribution is based on % assigned.

  • PM_RP_004:
    Export data provided by RPR to EXCEL

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