V3.4 What's New?

]po[ is an project- and service-management application for companies in business sectors including consulting, IT, advertising, engineering, translation and others. Version V3.4 is the first new release in 18 months, and includes a large number of important improvements and enhancements.

Non-Functional Improvements

Installers for Windows and various Linux Flavors

With version V3.4, ]po[ fully supports Windows as a production environment. A new Windows installer simplifies access for many users.

New Graphical User Interface

The GUI of ]project-open[ has been completely redesigned. The new GUI features multiple customizable CSS skins and a collapsible functional menu.

New Languages Supported

The ]project-open[ GUI is now available translated into Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Performance Improvements for Large Installations

New cache functions for frequently used queries and a number of SQL optimizations have improved performance in large installations with more than 1.000 active users.

New Documentation Wiki & Context Help

We have created a Wiki at www.project-open.org/ with more than 500 pages of online documentation. The Wiki is integrated with the ]po[ application, providing online help for ]po[ administration screens, “categories,” reports and performance indicators. All other screens will be updated in V4.0.

Audit Package

A new package makes it possible to track modifications to all important business objects in the system, implementing requirements for a number of security and compliance regulations. The package is available as a commercial enterprise add-on and is not part of the main distribution.

New Functionality

V3.4 includes a number of new packages. Most importantly, V3.4 now includes a generic help desk and general service management functionality. A number of optional add-on packages address the specific needs of IT organizations.

Help Desk

The new package implements tickets and ticket queues. Help desk tickets can be extended with dynamic fields and with permissions per ticket type and user group. Custom Workflows can be defined per ticket type. The help desk package can be used to implement a variety of different processes ranging from order processing and CRM customer complaints to ITIL problem and change management. An integration with the Nagios systems management integration exists in order to import Nagios events into the Help desk.


The new package implements a company's inventory with a hierarchical is-part-of structure. Inventory items can be extended with dynamic fields with permissions per item type and user group. Inventory items can be related to projects and help desk tickets, allowing users to track changes and formalize acquisition and other item-related approval processes. The inventory package can be used to implement a variety of different processes ranging from general lab or company inventory to ITIL configuration and license management. An integration with OCS Inventory NG is available in order to inventorize IT assets, and an integration with the Nagios systems management system makes it possible to import Nagios servers into the inventory.

ITIL Release Management

The new package implements a release management process compliant with ITIL. A number of Requests for Change and project tasks can be selected into a “release project” and need to pass tests and approval steps individually and as a whole. The package allows for compliance with Basel II and SOX regulations.

Dynamic Workflows

The ]po[ Petri-Net Workflow was already part of V3.2, including its graphical editor. In V3.4 we have now extended the number of objects to which you can attach a workflow, and this version includes default workflows for budgets, projects, absences and timesheets.

CVS & Host Version Control Integration

The new package can read log messages from CVS (additional version management systems will follow soon) and relate them to Configuration Items, projects and tickets. CVS logs including a ticket ID will automatically close the ticket.

Automated RFQs for External Consultants

This new package allows for automated Request for Quotation and other auction types, in order to improve the communication with external consultants and other providers. RFQ requests and answer sheets can be customized via Dynamic Fields configurable per RFQ type.

Key Performance Indicators

This new package provides a graphical display of performance indicators, showing the current value in a high/low watermark display and a historical diagram with the development of the indicator over time. The package includes some 25 sample indicators for finance, CRM and project management. New indicators can be added by the user via administration screens.

New Features

New Reports

We have added a number of reports and data-warehouse cubes.

Timesheet Invoicing Wizard

The improved functionality now supports non-billable materials (type of service) and keeps track of unbilled hours in the current invoicing period and before.

Improved Invoicing Screens

A new AJAX functionality allows for comfortable changing of invoicing offices and contacts when changing the customer.

Financial Documents List Page

Pagination on this screen now improves performance.

Bugs Fixed

V3.4 includes more than 150 bug fixes and minor improvements.

We want to thank everybody who as participated in the development of ]po[.

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