Copy and Export Workflows

Exporting Workflows

When working in multi-tier environments (Development/Staging/Production)  WF's can be easily exported and imported.These features are available from the WF's Admin Panel.

WF Admin Panel

Importing Workflows

Imported WFs will be active as soon as they are configured to be triggered when a particular Business Object is being created.
It is not possible to apply a newly created WF to an existing WF Instance. Any WF Instances already started but not yet completed will either need to be finished based on the former WF or canceled and restarted with the new WF.

Copying Workflows

Pre-configured WF's that come with the ]po[ product might serve as a base for new to be defined custom WF's.  When copying an existing WF, please note that the WF name currently can only be changed on a DB level.  A quick workaround is editing the script as it appears when copying the WF and changing all occurrences of the undesired name and run the script manually on a console or using PgAdminIII. 

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