]po[ Version

This the first "beta" version of the V4.0 release includes a number of open issues and several planned features are not yet finished. Please see the project-open-roadmap for a detailed list of planned V4.0 features. Compare with:

Known Issues

  • Risk-Management "Edit" Issue:
    There is an issue editing existing "risks", which results in an error.

  • Missing Columns in im_projects table:
    The columns "company_project_nr" and "final_company" are missing in the im_projects table.

  • MS-Project Round-Trip Integration (incomplete functionality/bug):
    V4.0 allows you to start your project in ]po[, import a project schedule from MS-Project, continue to edit information in ]po[, export the results to MS-Project for further editing, import the results and so on.
    • A new "MS-Project Warnings" functionality checks imported project plans for consistency and allows to take actions in ]po[ in order to restore consistency. However, this functionality is still lacking appropriate permissions.
  • Configuration Wizard (cosmetic issue):
    The release note information in the last page of the configuration wizard is messy because the iframe shows the version information page including its template.

V4.0 Planned Features Not Included Yet 

  • Round-Trip Import/Export of Projects, Users and Companies:
    ]po[ V4. already includes an import wizard for projects that is DynField enabled and capable of automatically mapping CSV columns to project attributes. However, several importan pieces are not yet implemented:
    • Export of project data in a CSV format that can be imported again by the project import wizard without loss
    • Import and export of user data
    • Import and export of company data
  • Step-By-Step Configuration Wizard:
    To guide the administrator through the setup of the system:
    • Include all important setup steps and indicators for each setup step.
    • Data Setup: Import users, import projects, import customers and providers, import departments, ...
    • Process Setup: Enable and disable processes 
  • Windows Installer:
    The Windows installer will be created once the Linux version is more or less stable.
    Special tasks for the Windows version include:
    • Testing of all integration links

V4.0 Features Partially Finished

  • System Configurator:
    A new configurator allows to export a ]po[ configuration into CSV (Excel) format and to apply the configuration to a new server. This configurator allows us to define several "verticals" for ]po[ with very specific configuration, effectively reducing the effort necessary to adapt ]po[ to a user's needs.
    • The "System Configurator" is available now in Admin -> System Config ->Export Configuration and Import Configuration
    • Deleting parameters and other configuration elements is not yet supported. It is unclear at the moment if this is a desired feature or not.

  •  [Mail Tracking]:
    An optional CRM package capable of associating incoming and outgoing mails with users and projects.
    • Basic functionality is working.
    • Currently there is no support for SPAM filters.
    • The functionality is used by one customer in production and one customer in beta phase.

  • Funambol integration:
    The integration with Funambol allows to sync ]po[ tasks and contacts with Outlook, mobile devices and other PIM applications.
    • The basic functionality is working and allows to sync ]po[ tickets with the Funambol database.
    • Installation and configuration of the Funambol integration currently requires certain knowledge about Funambol, PostgeSQL and ]po[.
    • We would have to write documentation on how to setup a Funambol integration.

  • SLA Management and improved Helpdesk (Enterprise Edition):
    A ITSM package that provides "SLA Parameters" to capture contractual rules defined in SLAs and a component for SLA working hours. Indicators automatically track the value of SLA parameters, warning managers if defined SLA levels are close to be violated.
    • Basic functionality is working.
    • We need to document the setup of SLA parameters.

  • CVS Integration:
    This ITSM package allows to import CVS commits into ]po[, automatically associating commits with projects. The package also allows to generate CVS+ACL configuration files, effectively allowing to maintain CVS permission configuration in ]po[.
    • The import of CVS commits is working.
    • The setup of the integration still requires knowledge of ]po[ and needs the help of a ]po[ consultant
    • We need to document how to setup an integration.
  • System Configurator:
    We want to update the existing "SysConfig Wizard" to include several "templates" for specific application scenarios, in addition to the existing configuration options.
    • Demo-Servers for each template:
      Each template should be associated to a demo_server@project-open.net  and a page in the project-open.com Web-site describing the template.
  • Localization:
    The translations from V3.5 are still available and cover >90% of all translation strings. However, the following work still has to be done for each language:
    • Revise the glossary for each language
    • Complete the outstanding translations
    • Revise all critical terms with each translation team.

V4.0 Features Finished

  • LDAP and Active Directory Integration:
    V4.0 includes a configuration wizard that guides usres through the process of setting up an integration with Active Directory.
    • The integration seems to work and has been tested with various customers already.

  • Project Baselines (Enteprise Edition):
    This package package stores "versions" of a project and allows users to compare the current project plan to previous plans. The package depends on the Audit commercial package and may become part of the ]po[ "enterprise" version.
    • The basic baseline functionality is working, including a page that compares several important values of a baseline with the current version.
    • The baseline comparison page does not yet include a graphical display of how the current schedule deviates from the baseline. This functionality will be implemented in future versions of ]po[.

  • Financial Planning (Enterprise Edition):
    The package allows for financial/cashflow/budget planning per project phase, project member, cost type and date (month, quarter, year). Planned values are integrated into the project's financial summary.
    • Supports planning of timesheet and travel costs per project member.
    • Supports planning of project cost per project phase and month.
    • The package basically works now and offers the option to configure the left and top dimensions of planning from the options: Project phase, time axis (years, months, weeks and quarters), cost type, project member.
    • In the future we will possibly add more planning options.

  • SLA Management and improved Helpdesk:
    A ITSM package that provides "SLA Parameters" to capture contractual rules defined in SLAs and a component for SLA working hours.
    Indicators automatically track the value of SLA parameters, warning managers if defined SLA levels are close to be violated.
  • AJAX Date-Pickers for all important forms:
    All important forms in ]po[ now include an AJAX date picket widget in order to avoid editing dates in a Web 1.0 type of widget. 
    • Reports and similar pages still don't have a date picker, because most users seem to be fine with a YYYY-MM-DD input.

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