PM: Getting things done (GTD)

]project-open[ - Getting Things Done Package

Principal architectural objectives:

  • Implementing a RESTful Web Service
  • Evaluate Open Source JS libraries for use in ]po[
  • Security aspects and error handling when using xmlhttp requests (XHR)

The module provides the following features:

  • Provide a single access point for all tasks assigned to an user
  • Gives users the possibility to create a sortable list of tasks
  • Tasks can added from a list of existing project tasks, forum tasks and workflow tasks
  • Let users add arbitrary tasks not managed with ]po[
  • Provide users with quick access to often used features such as time sheet tracking and relevant task data.
  • Speeds up adminstrative tasks and provides convenience to users working in multitasking environments, such as Help-Desk, Call-Center, Support, etc.



  • Fix Bug: time - logging
  • Show err mess when no tasks have been found for project
  • Allow to delete tasks from To-Do list by drag&drop them to wastebasket
  • Add WF tab (shows all tasks resulting from WF instances)
  • Add Forum tab (shows all FORUM tasks)

Developer Documentation

                Table "public.im_gtd_tasks"
       Column       |           Type           | Modifiers
 gtd_task_id        | integer                  | not null
 ref_id             | integer                  | not null
 owner_id           | integer                  |
 created_date       | timestamp with time zone |
 description        | text                     |
 last-modified      | date                     |
 gtd_type_id        | integer                  | not null
 gtd_task_status_id | integer                  | not null
    "im_gtd_tasks_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (gtd_task_id)
Foreign-key constraints:
    "im_gtd_task_type_fk" FOREIGN KEY (gtd_type_id) REFERENCES im_categories(category_id)
    "im_gtd_task_type_status_fk" FOREIGN KEY (gtd_task_status_id) REFERENCES im_categories(category_id)
    "im_gtd_tasks_owner_id_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (owner_id) REFERENCES users(user_id)
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