]po[ Service Contract Invoicing

This packages provides support for the invoicing business process, in particular for periodic invoicing for ongoing support contracts, Hosting/SaaS product lines and other services that are invoiced on a recurring basis. It allows users to create invoices semi-automatically.


Development status:

  • The package has been implemented for internal use
  • The package has not yet been prepared for public release

Please contact us if you need more information. We can demo you our current status.

Implementation Approach

Adding new project types:

Project Types

  • Package provides new project sub types that support different invoicing modes

Adding new (dynamic) Project attributes:

 Project Attributes

  • Invoicing Type: Standard, Paypal request
  • Invoicing cycle: Weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly

New ]po[ Report showing invoices to be created


  • Reports lists all past invoices created for a service contract
  • Report provided link that allows to create a new invoice for the next invoicing period
  • Following the link, a new invoice will be created automatically. Invoice can be adjusted. Auto-generated invoice items can be changed, removed or being extended by additional positions. 


This package is currently (09/2015) under development.


Package Documentation 

Package 'intranet-service-contract-invoicing' is not installed on this server, so there is no documentation available.

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