]po[ Service Contract Invoicing

This packages provides support for the [en:process-fi-project-invoicing|invoice business process], in particular for periodic invoicing for ongoing support contracts, Hosting/SaaS product lines and other services that are invoiced on a recurring basis. It allows users to create invoices semi-automatically.   

Implementation Approach

Adding new project types:

Project Types

  • Package provides new project sub types that support different invoicing modes

Adding new (dynamic) Project attributes:

 Project Attributes

  • Invoicing Type: Standard, Paypal request
  • Invoicing cycle: Weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly

New ]po[ Report showing invoices to be created


  • Reports lists all past invoices created for a service contract
  • Report provided link that allows to create a new invoice for the next invoicing period
  • Following the link, a new invoice will be created automatically. Invoice can be adjusted. Auto-generated invoice items can be changed, removed or being extended by additional positions. 


This package is currently (09/2015) under development.

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