FI Timesheet Invoicing

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Timesheet Invoicing refers to the process of creating Invoices or Delivery Notes based on timesheet information.

Process Activities


  • Gathering of information if current projects are invoicable
  • Comparison of logged hour vs. already invoiced hours
  • Creation of invoices for not yet invoiced hours


Process Input



Process Output


  • A number of invoices towards the customer, with an attached list of included hours. 
  • These invoices of status created serve as an input to the accounts receivable process.


Process Support by ]po[


The following ]po[ packages provide support for this process:

  • Project Management provides a list of projects and sub-projects for timesheet management.
  • Timesheet2 package includes all functionality necessary to capture timesheet hours.
  • Timesheet2 Invoices package implements a "wizard" that allows to create invoices semi automatically from logged hours.


Process Performance Indicators


  • Percentage of billable hours
  • Percentage of invoices accepted by the customer without complaining

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