Upgrade V3.2 to V3.5 (Windows)

Probably the easiest way to manually update the WIN version of ]po[ is using the Open Source tool TortoiseCVS which is available for download from their website. After installation, new items are added to the context menu (right mouse click) of the Windows File Manager.

Now you can update your server using TurtoiseCVS:

a) Run a database backup  
b) Make a security copy of the packages folder.
Default location is C:/project-open/servers/projop/packages/

c) Use TurtoiseCVS to update all packages 
Open a WINDOWS File Manager and navigate to your "packages" folder. Mark all directories this folder contains, right-click on the selection and choose CVS update Special  from the context menu and select branch 'b3-5-0-patches' . 

CVS Tortoise
Monitor the output and watch for CVS conflicts that are indicated with a 'C' at the beginning of a line. Conflicts usually occur only when local code had been changed.
Conflicts not resolved will lead to a malfunctioning system so please watch the output carefully. In case you have done some local changes to the application you can resolve those conflicts manually.

If TurtoiseCVS indicates conflicts even though you have not done any changes to the code,  look at the messages and follow the instructions given there.
In many cases deleting the affected files and repeat the CVS update should resolve the issue.

d)  Run update scripts
If you log on to ]po[ as a System Administrator you should find on home (http://localhost:8000/intranet/) a portlet listing update scripts to be executed:  


Alternativiley use the packet manager in the ADMIN section to update your modules and follow instructions given by the ]po[/OpenACS Update Wizard:  

e) Restart your system

Wait a moment until the server is up and running again and go to your 'home' http://localhost:8000/intranet/
[Please note that
in some WIN versions you might need to stop/start the web server manually using the scripts accessible through the Windows START (]project-open[/ Stop ]project-open[ / Start ]project-open[) menu.]

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