CRM Campaign Mgmt

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Campaign management in ]po[ refers to planning, executing and evaluating mailings and other campaigns.

Process Support by ]po[


  • The contacts package (]po[ V4.0 only!) includes the functionality create and execute campaigns.
  • The core package includes the structures to store companies, users and the relationship between them.


Process Input


  • Companies and users
  • A classification of companies and users. The [dynfield package] allows for defining custom classifiers.

Process Output



Process Indicators


  •  Percentages of users passing the different stages of a campaign:
    • Reading the mailing
    • Clicking on a link to logon to ]po[ or taking another measurable action
    • Contacting sales staff
    • Completing a transaction
  • Number of campaigns per year
  • Number of users reached per year
  • Time necessary to execute a campaign
  • ...


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