]po[ Financial Planning

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This package allows managers to plan the financials of a project based on variety of dimensions including time, project phase, project resource and type of cost.

Planning Dimensions

During the configuration of the package you can choose how to plan the financials of the project. There are several frequently used configurations:

  • Investment Management - External costs over time:
    In Investment Management there are no "internal" costs (timesheet, expenses etc.). Instead, you plan external costs on a time axle.

  • Resource based Planning - Timesheet costs and travel expenses per project member:
    Medium sized projects are frequently planned on a base of user time + travel expenses.

  • Phase Planning over Time - Planning of large projects:
    Large projects are frequently planned by means of total costs over time.

  • Cost Type over Time - Public Administration:
    Public administration financial planning is based on budget for certain cost types over time.



Financial Planning - Users / Cost Types

Financial Planning - Users / Cost Types

Integration with ]po[ Financial Controlling

Planned values for Timesheet Costs and Expenses are automatically included in the financial system's profit and loss analysis. See also portlet: Financial Summary

Package Documentation

Package 'intranet-planning' is not installed on this server, so there is no documentation available.  


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