ITSM Change Management

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ITSM Change Management ensures standardized methods and procedures for efficient handling of changes. Changes should not disrupt services and performed with optimized resource allocation. Requests for Change (RFCs) are usually transmitted by   employees across al departments and hierarchy levels.

Process Activities

  • Provide system to centrally accept and manage change requests
  • Review change requests and decide about further proceedings
  • Initiate project for accepted RFCs of medium or high complexity 

Process Input


  • RFC - description of problem, meta information such as committer, contact information, etc. 
  • ITSM Configuration Management provides information about related objects (software, hardware, machines, etc.)

Process Output 

  • Assignment of tasks to fulfill RFC / rejected RFC
  • Updates business processes
  • Updated Configuration database
  • Project definition in case of complex RFCs


Process Support by ]po[

 The following ]po[ packages provide support for this process:


Process Performance Indicators

  • Number of RFCs
  • Ratio between RFCs accepted / rejected
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