Upgrade V3.5 to V4.0 (Linux & Windows)

This page explains how to update your existing ]project-open[ system to the new version 4.0.

]po[ V4.0 This is the first "major" update since V3.0 in May 2005. This means that you will need to modify the system infrastructure in addition to the usual /packages/ directory:

  • AOLserver Web Server: You need version 4.5.1 instead of 3.3ad13
  • PostgreSQL database: You now need PG 8.4 instead of PG 7.x or PG 8.x
  • Linux: You will need to update to newer versions of Linux because of library dependencies with AOLserver and PostgreSQL.
  • Windows: Windows XP and Windows 2000 are not supported anymore.

For these reasons we recommend you the following procedure:

  1. Upgrade your existing system from V3.2, V3.3 or V3.4 to V3.5:
    This is required in order to exclude any potential sources of problems from these instructions.
    Please see the Linux V3.2 -> V3.5 or Windows V3.2 -> V3.5 instructions for details.

  2. Install ]project-open[ V4.0 "from scratch":
    Perform a new installation on a new computer using one of our V4.0 installers in order to create a new system.

  3. Copy your V3.5 database dump to your V4.0 server:
    Follow the steps below in order to transfer your data to the new server.

  4. Check and download additional packages:
    Follow the steps below in order to download additional packages that are not included by default

  5. Perform the upgrade process on your new server:
    Follow the steps below in order to execute "upgrade scripts" that will modify your data-model in order to fit the new V4.0 code.

Steps 1 and 2 are described elsewhere, so we only have to deal with 3), 4) and 5) now:


Copy Your V3.5 Database Into Your V4.0 Server

In this section we will copy the database of your existing system to the new server that you have set up in 2):

Create a backup on your old server

  • You can use the Admin -> Backup functionality in ]po[ V3.4 or V3.5 in order to create a new backup of your old server.
  • You can also take an existing backup dump from /web/projop/filestorage/backup or /var/backup (Linux) or C:/project-open/servers/projop/filestorage/backup/ (Windows).

Copy the backup from your old server to your new server

Well, you will know how to copy a file....


Load the backup dump into the database of your new server

  • Copy the new backup dump into /web/projop/filestorage/backup (Linux) or C:/project-open/servers/projop/filestorage/backup/ (Windows) of the new server.
  • Now reload the Admin -> Backup page in order to see the backup.
  • You can press the "Restore" button at the right to load the backup dump into the new folder.


Please study the output of the import process in detail:

  •  A normal ]po[ backup contains a section in the beginning which deletes previously existing data structures. This section may cause some ~2.000 error messages which you can ignore.
  • There may be issues related to a different implementation of the TSearch2 full-text search engine. You can safely ignore messages that are somehow related to "tsearch2" or the im_search_objects table (which can be very long).

A good way to check the integrity of the import is to compare the number of entries per table using pgAdminIII (there is a statistics section in the list of tables).

Please see the PostgreSQL 8.4 documentation  if you need details about the PostgreSQL database.


Check and download additional packages

Thanks to the posting  from Terrance A. Crow for pointing out that not all V3.5 packages are now in the V4.0 distributions.

Please perform the following actions:

su - projop                                  (only required on Linux)
cd ~/packages/                               (cd /servers/projop/packages on Windows)
cvs checkout wiki
cvs checkout intranet-translation
cvs checkout intranet-trans-project-wizard


  • On Windows please check the permissions of the new packages. Please make sure the new packages are accessible by the AOLserver process.
  • For more information on CVS checkout please see our developer CVS checkout page.
  • After the checkout please compare the list of packages in your V3.5 server and your V4.0 server as a double-check.
  • With the next reboot of your system please check the ~/log/error.log file


Upgrade the /packages/ Folder

Please delete your /web/projop/log/*.* (Linux) or C:/project-open/servers/projop/log/*.* (Windows) log files and restart AOLserver.

The combination of AOLserver 4.5.1, PostgreSQL 8.x, /packages/ V4.0 and database V3.5 is known to work - at least the system will allow you to log in and to use the Package Manager at http://<your_server>/acs-admin/apm/. We will now use the Package Manager in order to perform the rest of the upgrade.

  • Go to http://<your_server>/acs-admin/apm/ and verify that all intranet-* packages are of version 3.5.0.x.y.
  • Click on the "Install packages" link at the bottom of the page.


Group 1: acs-kernel

  • Please select only the package "acs-kernel" and press the "Next ->" button.
  • The page will show a list of selected upgrade-*-*.sql files. Please press "Install Packages".
  • The system will now perform upgrade operations. There should be no error messages.
  • Click on "Click here to restart the server now" at the bottom of the page.

Group 2: acs-subsite

Please make sure your ]po[ server starts again - on Windows you might have to restart manually. Go to the "Install Packages" page as above.

  • Please use Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-<Reload-Button> in your browser to force a reload of the page http://<your_server>/acs-admin/apm/packages-install.
  • Please select only the package "acs-subsite" and press "Next ->".
  • The next page will show "Additional Packages Automatically Selected" with green "Dependency satisfied" messages. Please press "Select Data Model Scripts".
  • The page will show a list of selected upgrade-*-*.sql files. Please press "Install Packages".
  • Click on "Click here to restart the server now" at the bottom of the page.

Group 3: All other acs-* packages

  • Please use Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-<Reload-Button> in your browser to force a reload of the page http://<your_server>/acs-admin/apm/packages-install.
  • Please select all acs-* packages plus ajaxhelper, attachments, auth-ldap-adldapsearch, calendar, categories, file-storage, general-comments, notifications and simple-survey.
  • Press "Next->" and follow the same steps as above.

Group 4: All other intranet-* packages

  • After the browser reload please select all intranet-* packages with comment "Upgrade" (please do not install new packages).
  • The next page may show warning messages in the last two lines of the page: "Requires ... version >= ...". Please ignore these warnings, select the two packages and click on the "Force the install" checkbox.
  • Proceed as above.

Group 4: All other intranet-* packages

  • After the browser reload please select all intranet-* packages with comment "Upgrade" (please don't install new packages).
  • In V4. you may see error messages saying "ERROR: duplicate key violates... ". Please ignore these messages (because it just says that the supposedly new attribute was already there), use the Web browser's "back" button to go to the previous page and deselect the upgrade- file in the "]project-open[ Core" section that caused the issue and click on "Install Packages" again.
  • Please proceed as above.

Group 5: Install new packages

  • Please select the following packages for new installation. This step is optional: general-comments, intranet-csv-import, intranet-cvs-integration, intranet-expenses-workflow, intranet-idea-management, intranet-mail-import, intranet-portfolio-management, intranet-rest, intranet-riskmanagement, intranet-sharepoint, intranet-timesheet2-workflow, xotcl-core, xowiki and proceed as above.
  • In V4. there may be errors while installing the following packages: intranet-idea-management. In this case please back up as above by pressing the "back" button, deselecting the intranet-idea-management-create.sql file and continuing.

Execute remaining upgrade scripts

After a restart please visit the "Home" page and observe a grey box at the right with "Upgrade Information".

  • Please click on "Run Upgrade Scripts".
  • In V4. there may be an error with "/intranet-cvs-integration/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-". You can ignore this error. Please back up, press "Reload" or F5 in your browser and repeat.

After yet another restart you should have a perfect ]po[ V4.0 server running.

Go to /intranet/admin/backup and create a new backup.

Minor Fixes

  • File Storage parameters on Windows:
    On Windows (and only on Windows) the parameters for the intranet-file-storage have changed.
    Please go to Admin -> Parameters -> intranet-filestorage and change parameter from "./servers/prjop/..." into "C:/project-open/servers/projop/..."
    Also search for "/servers" in the main Admin -> Parameters page and fix the parameters tmp_path and BackupBasePathUnix.


Customized /packages/ Folder

Please contact us if you should have modified V3.5 ]project-open[ code. There are three options for dealing with customizations:

  1. Create a "diff" and apply the diff to V4.0:
    We can determine the "diff" (=difference) of what you have changed with respect to your V3.5 base line. In a second step we can apply the diff to V4.0. This procedure will work in about 80% of all cases, while the remaining 20% require manual "conflict resolution"
  2. Move your custom code in a customer specific package:
    We may be able to copy your modified pages into a specific package for you ("customer specific package") and modify the GUI linking in your system so that the new code will be used. This way your custom code will survive also the next upgrade.
  3. Integrate your code into the "product":
    We may include your code in the next V4.1 release if your extensions could be useful for other customers.

Quality Control

Here are a few checks in order to determine if your new system is really working.

  • Edit an existing project/ create a new one
  • Edit an existing company/ create a new one
  • Edit an existing user/ create a new one
  • Perform a backup and restore a backup
  • XoWiki: Go to /xowiki/ and click on "New Page" at the top with Name = "test", Section="" (empty), Page Title= "Test" and Content = "This is a test".
  • File Storage: Go to /file-storage/ create a new file and perform some other operations





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