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How to implement complex workflows?

By Ryszard Kasprzyk from

> We often have 10+ stages of QC. (See our Web site, section | Projects for the full QA).
> What to do, if there is only a 3-stage process provided in your system? Why 3 only?

Hi Ryszard,

there is a difference between a business process and a workflow. You may have a 10-step process, but this process may be implemented by a workflow with only three different roles.

For example, a project manager may do a final review before sending out the documents to the customer. However, you don't need(!) to create a new task for the PM, because he is responsible (and accountable) to do this step anyway (atleast in theory...). So basicly, you try to keep your workflows simple, because otherwise you get a lot of overhead and users will start to complain that the system is too difficult to use...

A software testing lab would be a different siutation. Such a lab may requires a completely different workflow because there are several types of "linguistic", "cosmetic" and other tests that are assigned to different persons.

However, even such processes can be implemented in ]po[ using Translation Tasks with a task type "other", even though not very elegantly.

To summarize: ]project-open[ only supports a standard workflow that fits 90% of all translation projects in the world. You would need to extend ]project-open[ to cover more specific requirements. But we need to make our money somehow... :-)

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