Assigning tasks to users or groups

WF tasks can be assigned to users or user groups.

The easiest way to assign a task to a group of users is by calling a pg/plsql function when a particular task is fired but hasn't been assigned yet:

Handle unsassigned tasks  

Other available pg/plsql routines for task assignments include:

  • Package: intranet-timesheet2-workflow :: im_workflow__assign_to_supervisor (with no custom argument)
    Assigns a task to the owners supervisor as managed in portlet "Employee Information" 
  • Package: intranet-workflow :: im_workflow__assign_to_user (user_id)
    Assigns a task to a particular user
  • im_workflow__assign_to_project_manager
    create function im_workflow__assign_to_project_manager(int4,text) returns int4 as '
                    p_task_id               alias for $1;
                    p_custom_arg            alias for $2;
                    v_transition_key        varchar;
                    v_object_type           varchar;
                    v_case_id               integer;
                    v_object_id             integer;
                    v_creation_user         integer;
                    v_creation_ip           varchar;
                    v_project_manager_id    integer;
                    v_project_manager_name  varchar;
                    v_journal_id            integer;
                    v_workflow_key          varchar;
                    -- Get information about the transition and the 'environment'
                    select  tr.transition_key, t.case_id, c.object_id, o.creation_user, o.creation_ip, o.object_type
                    into    v_transition_key, v_case_id, v_object_id, v_creation_user, v_creation_ip, v_object_type
                    from    wf_tasks t, wf_cases c, wf_transitions tr, acs_objects o
                    where   t.task_id = p_task_id
                            and t.case_id = c.case_id
                            and o.object_id = t.case_id
                            and t.workflow_key = tr.workflow_key
                            and t.transition_key = tr.transition_key;
                    select attr_value into v_workflow_key from apm_parameter_values where parameter_id in
                            (select parameter_id from apm_parameters where package_key like 'intranet-timesheet2-workflow' and  parameter_name = 'DefaultWorkflowKey');
            	RAISE NOTICE 'im_workflow__assign_to_project_manager: Found workflow: %: ', v_workflow_key;
                    IF v_workflow_key = '' THEN
                            v_workflow_key := 'timesheet_approval_wf';
            	        RAISE NOTICE 'im_workflow__assign_to_project_manager: No parameter found, set workflow_key to: %: ', v_workflow_key;
                    END IF;
                    IF v_object_type = v_workflow_key THEN
                            select  project_lead_id into v_project_manager_id from im_projects
                            where   project_id in (select conf_project_id from im_timesheet_conf_objects where conf_id = v_object_id);
            		RAISE NOTICE 'im_workflow__assign_to_project_manager: Project Manager ID: %: ', v_project_manager_id;
                            select  project_lead_id into v_project_manager_id from im_projects
                            where   project_id = v_object_id;
                    END IF;
                    select im_name_from_id(v_project_manager_id) into v_project_manager_name;
                    IF v_project_manager_id is not null THEN
                            v_journal_id := journal_entry__new(
                                null, v_case_id,
                                v_transition_key || ' assign_to_project_manager ' || v_project_manager_name,
                                v_transition_key || ' assign_to_project_manager ' || v_project_manager_name,
                                now(), v_creation_user, v_creation_ip,
                                'Assigning to user' || v_project_manager_name
                            PERFORM workflow_case__add_task_assignment(p_task_id, v_project_manager_id, 'f');
                            PERFORM workflow_case__notify_assignee (p_task_id, v_project_manager_id, null, null,
                                    'wf_' || v_object_type || '_assignment_notif');
                    END IF;
                    return 0;
            end;' language 'plpgsql';

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