]po[ Version 3.5

V3.5 is the last version before upgrading to OpenACS 5.6 with ]po[ 4.0. The ]po[ team commits to maintain this version at least until 2011Q4.

The focus of V3.5 is stability. For this reason, there are only few additional features compared with V3.4.

Non-Functional Features

  • Performance Improvements:
    We have updated a number of SQL statements to make them faster in larger environments.
    Also, we have replaced the "Resource Planning" report with a version that scales for hundreds of projects and hundreds of resources.

New Functionality

  • REST Web-Services Interface
    The intranet-rest package provides a complete REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API.
    The REST interface is used already by several client applications:
    • PO-Timesheet  is a REST Java client implementing timesheet management
    • A Perl REST client is available in /intranet-rest/perl-client-examples/ showing access to ]po[ projects
    • ]po[ partner Winzentis is developing an iPhone App using the REST interface.
    • Neuber Software  is developing an integration of its Visual  TimeAnalyzer  product for ]po[.

Minor Improvement and Bug Fixes

  • A considerable number of bugs have been fixed for this release.
    In particular, the ]po[ team is now using the Helpdesk Package internally for tracking "Report this Error" reports per ]po[ version. This way, more then 120 bugs have been fixed. We hope this will improve the overall robustness and "stability" of the system. .

V3.5 Version History

  • v3_5_0_0_1 "alpha1" (2010-12-06): First V3.5 release.
  • b3-5-0-patches (2010-10-02): Opened up a new branch for maintenance of V3.5 installations.
    HEAD is now used for V4.0 development and may be unstable at times.
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