Automatic Software Update Service (ASUS)

ASUS is a service provided by ]project-open[ to customer in order to keep a ]project-open[ system fit for production use in the Internet. ASUS consists of the following individual services:

  • Check for known security flaws and bugs:
    As a result of this check, ASUS will display a message with the status of the system and possibly update recomendations. 
  • Download system updates and security patches:
    It will ask the user to confirm before taking any important action. 
  • Update exchange rages:
    Exchange rates are necessary in order to calculate Profit & Loss for projects. 
  • Proactive Maintenance:
    Future versions of ASUS will check important system parameters including memory consumption, hard disk space, database 'vacuum' time, Internet availability etc. in order to alert system administrators before a system failure acutally happens. 

How to use ASUS

Please go to


and follow instructions given on this page.



ASUS is a free service at the moment (March 2013). However, we plan to introduce a yearly fee for ASUS in the future. We will notify you about possible changes with three months in advance.

Data Collection

In order to check your system we need to collect data from your installation. This information includes the version of your ]project-open[ packages, your operating system and your PostgreSQL database. Also, we will generate an anonymous unique ID for your hardware and your ]project-open[ installation and transmit the number of users in your system in order to maintain statistics about the product. Collecting your email address will allow us to alert you in case of critical security threads.

Limitation of Data Collection

You can also choose to limit the collected data to anonymous system information only. In this case please select 'Limit ASUS to anonymous data' below.

Warranty and Disclaimer

]project-open[ makes no representations or warrenties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by ASUS. ]project-open[ disclaims all warranties in connection with the ASUS, and will not be liable for any damage of loss resulting from your use of the service or the product.

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