Admin Cost Center Permissions

The "Cost Center Permission Help" is an administration to control and determine the access rights for financial documents within a company cost center.   This is designed for use in larger corporate environments where a department head should be able to see what's happening in his group.  However, he or she should not necessarily know what's going on in other departments and in the company as a whole. 

The following table shows the Cost Center hierarchy and lists the access permissions for each Cost Center and each user profile.

Please note that this table inherits from the permissions set in the 'Admin - Profiles' section.  You can't remove permissions here that you have set there.



In the following, the first line refers to to Read permissions, while the second line revers to Write permissions:
  • R - Read All - User can read all types of financial documents for this Cost Center
  • W - Read All - User can create/modify all types of financial documents for this Cost Center
  • I - Customer Invoices
  • Q - Customer Quotes
  • D - Delivery Notes
  • B - Provider Bills
  • P - Purchase Orders
  • T - Timesheet Information
  • E - Expense Reports

Upper case letters signify that the user has the privilege.  Lower case letters signify that they do not.  Individual privileges can be activated and dis-activated on a single case by case basis clicking on the letter, which will then toggle to the opposite of what it previously was.  


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