]po[ Office

The office object type is used to keep track of the various locations and differing branches of client companies involved in projects.

Office Fields


  • Office Name:

    Human readable name of the particular office's name

  • Company Name:

        Human readable name of the parent company to which the particular office belongs.

  • Office Type:

        The office's function and rank within the parent company.

  • Office Path:

         This is the short name of the office which is the link between the office and the underlying filestorage system.  To view all the of

          the files belonging to the ABC Consulting Main Office, the pathname into the filestorage is abc_trans.

  • Status:
        Current state of the offices, whether they are active or not.
  • Contact Liaison:

        Employee Name who is responsible for relations between the project and the particular office.

  • City Name:

         Name of the city in which the office is located.

  • Phone Number:
        Format Recommendation: Client number is preceded by + and the country code. Ex. (USA)+0013096850627




Structure of the im_offices database table:

        Column        |          Type           |      Modifiers
 office_id            | integer                 | not null
 office_name          | character varying(1000) | not null
 office_path          | character varying(100)  | not null
 office_status_id     | integer                 | not null
 office_type_id       | integer                 | not null
 company_id           | integer                 |
 public_p             | character(1)            | default 'f'::bpchar
 phone                | character varying(50)   |
 fax                  | character varying(50)   |
 address_line1        | character varying(80)   |
 address_line2        | character varying(80)   |
 address_city         | character varying(80)   |
 address_state        | character varying(80)   |
 address_postal_code  | character varying(80)   |
 address_country_code | character(2)            |
 contact_person_id    | integer                 |
 landlord             | character varying(4000) |
 security             | character varying(4000) |
 note                 | character varying(4000) |



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      Abstract Super Type

  • [ Business Object]

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