]po[ Version

This the second "alpha" version of the V4.0 release includes a number of open issues and several planned features are not yet finished. Please see the project-open-roadmap for a detailed list of planned V4.0 features.

Known Issues

  • Project -> Tasks overwrites start- and end-date of tasks:
    The page that shows the list of project tasks has a critical bug. It overwrites the start_date and end_date fields of timesheet tasks.
  • MS-Project Round-Trip Integration (incomplete functionality/bug):
    V4.0 allows you to start your project in ]po[, import a project schedule from MS-Project, continue to edit information in ]po[, export the results to MS-Project for further editing, import the results and so on.
    • The current export (]po[ -> MS-Project) does not yet include the project calendar and "timephased data" from MS-Project.
    • A new "MS-Project Warnings" functionality checks imported project plans for consistency and allows to take actions in ]po[ in order to restore consistency. However, this functionality is still lacking appropriate permissions.

  • Configuration Wizard (cosmetic issue):
    The release note information in the last page of the configuration wizard is messy because the iframe shows the version information page including its template.

  • Demo Data in the VMware Installer (cosmetic issue):
    The demo data included in the VMware installer will show "MS-Project Warnings" for most projects.
    These warnings are harmless, you just have to press "submit" to correct them.

  • Error Updating Timesheet Tasks:
    An error "can't read 'rel_id': no such variable" occurs in /intranet-timesheet2-tasks/new after updating a task.


V4.0 Planned Features Not Included Yet

  • "Contacts" CRM:
    This package allows for CRM email campaigns etc.
    • This package used to work in the past, but has stopped working after a refactoring of the dynamic fields subsystem.
    • The ]po[ team is unsure if this feature should really included in V4.0 at the moment


  • Round-Trip Import/Export of Projects, Users and Companies:
    ]po[ V4. already includes an import wizard for projects that is DynField enabled and capable of automatically mapping CSV columns to project attributes. However, several importan pieces are not yet implemented:
    • Export of project data in a CSV format that can be imported again by the project import wizard without loss
    • Import and export of user data
    • Import and export of company data


  • Step-By-Step Configuration Wizard:
    To guide the administrator through the setup of the system:
    • Include all important setup steps and indicators for each setup step.
    • Data Setup: Import users, import projects, import customers and providers, import departments, ...
    • Process Setup: Enable and disable processes


  • Windows Installer:
    The Windows installer will be created once the Linux version is more or less stable.
    Special tasks for the Windows version include:
    • Testing of all integration links

V4.0 Features Partially Finished

  • System Configurator:
    A new configurator allows to export a ]po[ configuration into CSV (Excel) format and to apply the configuration to a new server. This configurator allows us to define several "verticals" for ]po[ with very specific configuration, effectively reducing the effort necessary to adapt ]po[ to a user's needs.
    • The "System Configurator" is available now in Admin -> System Config ->Export Configuration and Import Configuration
    • Deleting parameters and other configuration elements is not yet supported. It is unclear at the moment if this is a desired feature or not.

  • Project Portfolio Management:
    ]po[ now allows to define define portfolios of projects and includes a number of reports and indicators in order to track portfolios. The package also contains "what-if" scenarios to analyze the impact of adding additional projects or changing project priorities.
    • The definition of portfolios is now supported using the "Program" field of projects.
    • A new project type "Program" has been designated for programs.
    • The financial summary of a project of type "Program" now includes the sum of all included projects.
      • This assumes that a program has no sub-projects, which is not enforced yet by ]po[, allowing for inconsistent financial data.
    • A number of portfolio reports has been developed for one important customer. However, these reports are customer specific and need to be generalized before they can be included in the product.
  •  [Mail Tracking]:
    A CRM package capable of associating incoming and outgoing mails with users and projects.
    • Basic functionality is working.
    • Currently there is no support for SPAM filters.
    • The functionality is used by one customer in production and one customer in beta phase.

  • Funambol integration:
    The integration with Funambol allows to sync ]po[ tasks and contacts with Outlook, mobile devices and other PIM applications.
    • The basic functionality is working and allows to sync ]po[ tickets with the Funambol database.
    • Installation and configuration of the Funambol integration currently requires certain knowledge about Funambol, PostgeSQL and ]po[.
    • We would have to write documentation on how to setup a Funambol integration.

  • SLA Management and improved Helpdesk:
    A ITSM package that provides "SLA Parameters" to capture contractual rules defined in SLAs and a component for SLA working hours. Indicators automatically track the value of SLA parameters, warning managers if defined SLA levels are close to be violated.
    • Basic functionality is working.
    • We need to document the setup of SLA parameters.

  • CVS Integration:
    This ITSM package allows to import CVS commits into ]po[, automatically associating commits with projects. The package also allows to generate CVS+ACL configuration files, effectively allowing to maintain CVS permission configuration in ]po[.
    • The import of CVS commits is working.
    • The setup of the integration still requires knowledge of ]po[ and needs the help of a ]po[ consultant
    • We need to document how to setup an integration.
  • Group/Skill based Project Planning:
    Allows project managers to use placeholders "Skill Profiles" when planning a project. These Skill Profiles are replaced by natural persons using a staffing process once the project changes from planning to execution.
    • Basic functionality is working
    • One customer is using the feature in beta phase


  • System Configurator:
    We want to update the existing "SysConfig Wizard" to include several "templates" for specific application scenarios, in addition to the existing configuration options.
    • Demo-Servers for each template:
      Each template should be associated to a demo_server@project-open.net  and a page in the project-open.com Web-site describing the template.


  • SAP FI Import:
    The SAP FI import is working already with the packages batch-importer and the BKB code for parsing the SAP FI report.
    • Add a manual import option for the SAP FI report with a link from the "Projects" page
    • Rename the batch-importer package(?)


  • Localization:
    The translations from V3.5 are still available and cover >90% of all translation strings. However, the following work still has to be done for each language:
    • Revise the glossary for each language
    • Complete the outstanding translations
    • Revise all critical terms with each translation team.


V4.0 Features Finished

  • LDAP and Active Directory Integration:
    V4.0 includes a configuration wizard that guides usres through the process of setting up an integration with Active Directory.
    • The integration seems to work and has been tested with various customers already.

  • Project Baselines (Enteprise Edition):
    This package package stores "versions" of a project and allows users to compare the current project plan to previous plans. The package depends on the Audit commercial package and may become part of the ]po[ "enterprise" version.
    • The basic baseline functionality is working, including a page that compares several important values of a baseline with the current version.
    • The baseline comparison page does not yet include a graphical display of how the current schedule deviates from the baseline. This functionality will be implemented in future versions of ]po[.

  • Financial Planning (Enterprise Edition):
    The package allows for financial/cashflow/budget planning per project phase, project member, cost type and date (month, quarter, year). Planned values are integrated into the project's financial summary.
    • Supports planning of timesheet and travel costs per project member.
    • Supports planning of project cost per project phase and month.
    • The package basically works now and offers the option to configure the left and top dimensions of planning from the options: Project phase, time axis (years, months, weeks and quarters), cost type, project member.
    • In the future we will possibly add more planning options.

  • SLA Management and improved Helpdesk:
    A ITSM package that provides "SLA Parameters" to capture contractual rules defined in SLAs and a component for SLA working hours.
    Indicators automatically track the value of SLA parameters, warning managers if defined SLA levels are close to be violated.
  • AJAX Date-Pickers for all important forms:
    All important forms in ]po[ now include an AJAX date picket widget in order to avoid editing dates in a Web 1.0 type of widget. 
    • Reports and similar pages still don't have a date picker, because most users seem to be fine with a YYYY-MM-DD input.

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