Intranet Company Type

Company Type distinguishes between several important types of companies.

Some Customer Types are used as constants. It's safe to add new sub-types of Customer or Provider.



The following company types are reserved and should not be edited:

  • CustOrIntl - Super-type for both Customers and Internal companies. Used for the Project's customer drop-down field in order to allow projects for internal companies, as well as for customers.
  • Customer - Companies buying from you. Used frequently across the system. Please use Customer as a super-type when adding a new type of customer
  • Provider - Companies from whom you are buying. Used frequently across the system. Super-type of all providers
  • Internal - Refers to your own company


In order to add an additional company type you should create a sub-category of one of these top categories.

  category_id |            category
          50 | CustOrIntl
          51 | Unknown
          52 | Other
          53 | Internal
          54 | MLV Translation Agency Company
          55 | Software Company Customer
          56 | Provider
          57 | Customer
          58 | Freelance Provider
          59 | Office Equipment Provider
       10000 | Hardware Manufacturer Customer
       10013 | Transport Provider


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