PM Create new project



 Project Name
   Suitable name for the project. The name must be unique.
 Project Nr.
   A project number is usually suggested based on the following parameters:
  • ProjectNrDigits
    Default Value is: 4
  • ProjectNrDateFormat
    Default Value is: YYYY_
  • ProjectNrHierarchicalDigits
    Default Value is: 2

  Alternatively a custom routine can generate the suggested Project Nr. In case parameter 'CustomProjectNrGenerator' needs to be set accordingly.
 Customer    Customer needs to be an actie Company managed by ]po[
 Project Manager    Drop down shows all users of group 'Project Managers'.
 Project Type    Add a project type. This allows us to create a suitable folder structure.
 Project Status    Based on values maintained in category 'INTRANET PROJECT STATUS'
 Start Date    Project Start Date
 Delivery Date
   Project End Date
 On Track Status 
   Is the project going to be in time and budget (green), does it need attention (yellow) or is it doomed (red)?
 Project Budget Hours    How many hours can be logged on this project (both internal and external resource)?
 Project Budget    What is the financial budget of this project? Includes both external (invoices) and internal (timesheet) costs.
 Project Budget Currency    Currency of monetary Project Budget
 Customer Project#    The Customer's reference to this project.
 Description   Text field for comments

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