TSearch2 Full-Text Search Integration

]project-open[ includes an interface to the "TSearch2" full-text search engine. TSearch2 allows for a "Google like" full-text search across most ]po[ business objects.


TSearch2 is part of the PostgreSQL  database used by ]po[. All ]po[ installers already include a working TSearch2 configuration and interface, so you normally don't have to worry about the details.

Support for PostgreSQL Versions

TSearch2 configurations are available for the following ]po[ and PostgreSQL versions:

]po[ \ PG
 8.0 8.1
8.3 8.4
 V3.3 ok ok ok ok  - - - -
 V3.4 ok  ok  ok  ok  -  -  - -
 V3.5  -  ok  ok  ok  ?  (ex)  - -
 V4.0.1  -  ok  ok  ok  -  -  - -
 V4.0.2  -  ok  ok  ok  ?  (ex)  - -

Installing TSearch2

TSearch2 is distributed as part of the PostgreSQL database. To install TSearch2 you need to enabled the "contrib" modules of PostgreSQL:

  • In Linux, you need to install postgresql84-contrib-xxx
  • In Windows, you need to go to the "contrib" area and enable TSearch2.


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