]po[ Time Sheet Java Client

]po[ Time Sheet is a time sheet logging application written in Java. It allows users to log hours on a ]po[ server using a desktop application. The application serves as a demo/reference application for the ]po[ REST interface.

Released Versions

Version V0-2-0 includes the object browser and is available as a JAR file that can be "executed" in Windows and other operating system after installing the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

The source code is available as a "project" for Eclipse. Please check the forum at SourceForge 


(]po[ Time Sheet can run as a tray icon.)


(The main purpose of ]po[ Time Sheet is to log hours.)


(An "object browser" allows you to explore most objects in the system.)


(Some (not all) object types allow to create new objects.)

(A debug console allows developers to quickly track issues.)

(By default you are connected to the ]po[ demo server.)



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