]po[ Portfolio Planner

This package implements a "Portfolio Planner" what-if scenario planner using HTML5 ("AJAX") technology as a single-page open-source application.

The portfolio planner is part of the larger portfolio management process that covers the decisions related to starting, prioritizing and killing project in order to optimize the financial return of the investments.

You can preview the Portfolio Planner on our demo server  (you may have to go first to the login page  and login as "Ben Bigboss").

Portfolio Planner Demo Server 

There's also a first video available on our YouTube channel:


The ]po[ Portfolio Planner uses the Sencha ExtJS  HTML5 JavaScript library as a base. The Portfolio Editor follows the Sencha Model-View-Controller development conventions and implements the application as a number of panels, views, controllers, stores and models.

Open Source License

The underlying Sencha ExtJS  library is available both as open-source and as a commercial version. ]po[ follows these conditions and releases all ExtJS code under a similar dual license:

  • GNU Public License V3:
    All JavaScript source code related to the Gantt Editor is licensed under this restrictive open-source license.
  • ]po[ Free License:
    An alternative license free of charge, but with limited distribution.
  • Please contact us if you are interested in other license conditions.

Detailed Feature Status 

The following list details the features of the Gantt project editor and their current implementation status.


Known Issues & Planned Extensions

Please contact us if you want to participate in either support us extending this module or getting invited for beta testing it. 


Package Documentation

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