]po[ CVS Integration

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This package integrates CVS with ]project-open[. In the future, it will also support SVN and other version control systems.

Main Activities


  • Periodically parses the CVS "log" and imports commits of selected CVS repositories.
  • Associates commits with ]po[ users by mapping CVS users to ]po[ users.
  • Associates commits with ]po[ configuration items in order to maintain a commit history.
  • Associates commits to projects and tickets by checking the comments for "#123" ticket IDs or "#2008_2123" project numbers.
  • Closes a ticket if the commit comment includes a string like "fixed #123".


Package Status


As of today (2009-09-16):

  • Only CVS is supported at the moment.
  • The association with users and projects don't work yet. 
  • The association with conf items doesn't work yet.



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