]po[ Version

This is the first version of the V3.5 "stable" release.

V3.5 is already very stable as a ]po[ version and used by tens of customers. However, we are still working on the installation and upgrade process.

]po[ V3.5 Bug Fixes

A considerable number of bugs have been fixed for this release. In particular, the ]po[ team is now using the Helpdesk Package internally for tracking "Report this Error" reports per ]po[ version. This way, more then 120 bugs have been fixed. We hope this will improve the overall robustness and "stability" of the system.

For additional details please see the history of the "OpenDiscussions" forum at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/project-open/

]po[ V3.5 Features

Compared with V3.

  • REST Interface:
    The REST Web-Services server is now available in version V1.5.1 with includes a number of bug fixes.
    The fixes are due to active development of several new REST clients:
    • PO-Timesheet  is a REST Java client implementing timesheet management
    • A Perl REST client is available in /intranet-rest/perl-client-examples/ showing access to ]po[ projects
    • ]po[ partner Winzentis is developing an iPhone App using the REST interface.
    • Neuber Software  is developing an integration of its Visual  TimeAnalyzer  product for ]po[.
  • Resource Management Package:
    This package currently contains only a single resource report which replaces the V3.4 /intranet-ganttproject/gant-resources-cube. The new report:
    • fixes a bug of the older report (related to the maximum length of the URL),
    • provides better performance (now allows for hundreds of projects and users) and
    • integrates absences into the display.

]po[ V3.5 Excluded Features

Please see the Roadmap for features not included in V3.5.

We have decided to exclude a number of features in order to allow a stronger focus on stability and maturity.

Download and Installation

The new version is available on http://sourceforge.net/projects/project-open/files/project-open/V3.4  with the name project-open-Update- or higher.

This "update installer" contains a README with details on how to install. Basically, the update installer contains a /packages/ folder which you have to copy to your ]po[ system.

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