Creating new Dynfields

To create a DynField please go to ADMIN->DYNFIELDS -> OBJECT TYPES (http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet-dynfield/object-types) and choose an Object Type from the following list.

 Dynfield Object Types

Once you have choosen an Object you'll see all Dynfields created for this object: 

 List of Dynfields
At the bottom of the list you'll find a link that will allow you to create a new "Dynamic Field".
There are two options:

  • Create a new entry and create a new table column.
    Use this option if you really want to extend the object type.
  • Create a new entry for an attribute that already exists.
    Use this option in order to enter the existing object fields into DynField. This allows you to use DynField to create object maintenance screens

If you are not sure what this means you most certainly want to go for "Add a completely new attribute"

Webform New Dynfield

As you can see from the above screenshot most fields are quite self-explaining and further explanations are provided right in the form. In case you are sure it's always a good idea to look at already existing Dynamic Fields to see how attributes are set.

Setting Dynfield Permissions and Visibility

Dynfield Permissions and Visibility

Dynfields can be set up in a way that they appear only at certain Object Types.  In order to define which Dynfield is visible for what Object Type we define an "Attribute-Type-Map".

Attribute Type Map

READ and WRITE Permissions for User Groups are set with the following form:

DynField Permissions

  • Lower case 'r': No READ permission
  • Lower case 'w': No WRITE permission
  • Upper case 'r': READ permission granted
  • Upper case 'w': WRITE permission granted

Once Permissions and Type-Attribute Map are set correctly, the new Dynfield shows up on all object related forms throughout the entire application.

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