GUI Configuration

The outward appearance and look of ]project-open[ is controlled by several parameters.  These have nothing to do with the functionality, and are meant to be used by a business in order to put their "personal" stamp onto ]project-open[.



System Logo

Config Gui

(Default System Logo found in the upper left hand corner of the page) 

Please modify the parameter SystemLogo in Admin -> Parameters -> intranet-core in order to customize the system logo. This parameter represents the relative URL of the logo file. For example, the value "/logo.gif" refers to the folder /web/projop/www/logo.gif (C:/project-open/servers/projop/www/logo.gif in Windows). You can copy your corporate logo into the same folder and modify the SystemLogo parameter accordingly.

The parameter SystemLogoLink controls the URL that is associated with logo.  Default is


Left Navigation Bar


(Default Nav Bar found on the left hand side of page)

The left navigation bar should adapt itself automatically to permission settings of menus and other permissions.

You can disable the left navigation bar completely in Admin -> Parameters -> intranet-core and set the parameter ShowLeftFunctionalMenupP=0.


Cascading Style Sheets are used in order format HTML output for the dynamically produced pages of ]project-open[.  The default style sheet used throughout the system is controlled by the parameter SystemCSS below the "intranet-core" grouping of parameters.  The parameter consists of a file pathname to the style sheet.  Default set-up for the parameter is "/intranet/style/style.default.css"  on Linux.  

We recommend to anyone wishing to modify the CSS that they do so by copying and pasting the original, and then modify according to suit their needs.  Add the newly modified CSS to "intranet/style/" and then alter the paramter accordingly to point to the new CSS.  


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