OpenACS Authentication

The acs-authentication package provides authentication, account management, and related functionality. It implements authentication-related security functions for OpenACS, including password, account and session management, bulk account creation etc. It provides a contract based interface for different authentication methods such as PAM or LDAP based authentication.



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Procedure Files

lib/search.tcl       Includable page to search users in any authority To grant permission on an object Including page can pass in add_permisison (list of Label, URL) object_id privilege OR To add a member of a group add_to_subsite (list of label url) add_to_main_site (optional) (list of label url) group_id (optional default to subsite applicaiton group) rel_type (default to membership_rel) 
tcl/apm-callback-procs.tcl       Installation procs for authentication, account management, and password management, 
tcl/authentication-procs.tcl       Tcl API for authentication, account management, and account registration. 
tcl/authority-procs.tcl       Procs for authority management. 
tcl/driver-procs.tcl       Procs for driver paramaters service contract implementations. 
tcl/local-procs.tcl       Procs for local authentication. 
tcl/password-procs.tcl       Tcl API for password management. 
tcl/sync-procs.tcl       API for managing synchronization of user data. 


auth::UseEmailForLoginP       Do we use email address for login? code wrapped in a catch, so the proc will not break regardless of what the parameter value is. 
auth::authenticate       Try to authenticate and login the user forever by validating the username/password combination, and return authentication and account status codes. 
auth::authority::batch_sync       Execute batch synchronization for this authority now. 
auth::authority::create       Create a new authentication authority. 
auth::authority::delete       Delete an authority. 
auth::authority::edit       Edit info about a authority. 
auth::authority::get       Get info about an authority, either by authority_id, user_id, or authority short_name. 
auth::authority::get_authority_options       Returns options (value label pairs) for building the authority HTML select box. 
auth::authority::get_element       Return a specific element of the auth_authority data table. 
auth::authority::get_id       Get authority_id by short_name. 
auth::authority::get_short_names       Return a list of authority short names. 
auth::authority::local       Returns the authority_id of the local authority. 
auth::create_local_account       Create the local account for a user. 
auth::create_user       Create a user, and return creation status and account status. 
auth::delete_local_account       Delete the local account for a user. 
auth::driver::GetParameters       Returns a list of names of parameters for the driver 
auth::driver::get_parameter_values       Gets a list of parameter values ready to be passed to a service contract implementation. 
auth::driver::get_parameters       Returns a list of names of parameters for the driver 
auth::driver::set_parameter_value       Updates the parameter value in the database. 
auth::get_all_registration_elements       Get the list of possible registration elements. 
auth::get_local_account_status       Return 'ok', 'closed', or 'no_account' 
auth::get_registration_elements       Get the list of required/optional elements for user registration. 
auth::get_registration_form_elements       Returns a list of elements to be included in the -form chunk of an ad_form form. 
auth::get_user_id       Get the current user_id with at least the level of security specified. 
auth::password::can_change_p       Returns whether we can change the password for the given user. 
auth::password::can_reset_p       Returns whether the given authority can reset forgotten passwords. 
auth::password::can_retrieve_p       Returns whether the given authority can retrive forgotten passwords. 
auth::password::change       Change the user's password. 
auth::password::get_change_url       Returns the URL to redirect to for changing passwords. 
auth::password::get_forgotten_url       Returns the URL to redirect to for forgotten passwords. 
auth::password::recover_password       Handles forgotten passwords. 
auth::password::reset       Reset the user's password, which means setting it to a new randomly generated password and inform the user of that new password. 
auth::password::retrieve       Retrieve the user's password. 
auth::refresh_login       If there currently is a user associated with this session, but the user's authentication is expired, redirect the user to refresh his/her login. 
auth::require_login       If the current session is not authenticated, redirect to the login page, and aborts the current page script. 
auth::self_registration       Check AllowSelfRegister parameter and set user message if self registration not allowed. 
auth::set_email_verified       Update an OpenACS record with the fact that the email address on record was verified. 
auth::sync::job::action       Inserts/updates/deletes a user, depending on the operation. 
auth::sync::job::create_entry       Record a batch job entry. 
auth::sync::job::end       Record the end of a batch job. 
auth::sync::job::end_get_document       Record the that we've finished getting the document, and record the status. 
auth::sync::job::get       Get information about a batch job in an array. 
auth::sync::job::get_authority_id       Get the authority_id from a job_id. 
auth::sync::job::get_entries       Get a list of entry_ids of the job log entries, ordered by entry_time. 
auth::sync::job::get_entry       Get information about a log entry 
auth::sync::job::snapshot_delete_remaining       Deletes the users that weren't included in the snapshot. 
auth::sync::job::start       Record the beginning of a job. 
auth::sync::job::start_get_document       Record the that we're starting to get the document. 
auth::sync::process_doc::ims::GetAcknowledgementDocument       Generates an record-wise acknolwedgement document in home-brewed adaptation of the IMS Enterprise v 1.1 spec. 
auth::sync::purge_jobs       Purge jobs that are older than KeepBatchLogDays days. 
auth::update_local_account       Update the local account for a user. 

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