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The Timesheet Invoices Package forms the bridge between the internal record keeping of timesheets, and the preparation of billable invoices to ship to the customer.  It transforms the timesheets kept for each client company, and each project being labored on for that client company into an invoice.  Parameters can be specified throughout the creation process on whether to include or exclude certain tasks within a project on the invoice, and to further modify the billing schemes per task.



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Procedure Files

tcl/intranet-timesheet2-invoices-procs.tcl       Bring together all "components" (=HTML + SQL code) related to Timesheet Invoices 


im_timesheet_invoice_permissions       Fill the "by-reference" variables read, write and admin with the permissions of $current_user_id on $user_id 
im_timesheet_invoice_promote_invoice       Takes an im_invoice and adds a record to im_timesheet_invoice 
im_timesheet_invoicing_project_hierarchy       Returns a formatted HTML table representing the list of subprojects and their logged hours. 
im_timesheet_price_component       Returns a formatted HTML table representing the prices for the current company 

SQL Files


Content Pages

      index.tcl Empty redirection index.tcl file
           new-2.tcl Receives a list of projects and displays all Tasks of these projects, ordered by project, allowing the user to modify the "billable units".
           new-3.tcl Receives the list of tasks to invoice and creates an invoice form similar to /intranet-invoices/www/new in order to create a new invoice.<br>
           new-4.tcl Saves invoice changes and set the invoice status to "Created".<br> Please note that there are different forms to create invoices for example in the intranet-timesheet2-invoicing module of the intranet-server-hosting module.
           new.tcl List all "delivered" project (i.e.
           promote-invoice-to-timesheet-invoice.tcl Takes a normal invoice and adds the meta-information to make it a timesheet invoice (which contains service start- and end).
           new.tcl Create or edit an entry in the price list
           price-action.tcl Purpose: Takes commands from a price_component and deletes tasks as requested.
           upload-prices-2.tcl /intranet/companies/upload-prices-2.tcl Read a .csv-file with header titles exactly matching the data model and insert the data into im_timesheet_prices
           upload-prices.tcl Serve the user a form to upload a new file or URL


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