Qabiria offers consulting and training for translation industry professionals. Our aim is to increase our customers' productivity, both translation companies and freelance translators. Qabiria's mission is: "To improve the productivity of language service providers by making creative use of technology; at the same time, to meet the translation needs of its clients by providing a transparent, reliable and helpful service."


Qabiria Services 

Qabiria offers consulting services for the implementation of ]project-open[. We are specialised in mapping translation companies' processes to ]project-opendata model. We can assist you in the following areas:

  • choosing between in-house and SaaS solutions
  • choosing the right hardware
  • setting up, implementing and configuring the system
  • training staff at any level.


Qabiria Contact


Contact: Marco Cevoli (marco.cevoli at
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08912 Badalona (Barcelona), Spain
Tel: +34 675 800 826
Skype: qabiria
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