Creating & configuring WF panels

When a user opens a task action, she might see on upper left part of the Task screen a customized Panel that provides additional information and action items. 

Below an example of a panel that is part of the package Timesheet Approval Workflow.

TS Panel

                                   Figure: Panel created by /intranet-timesheet2-workflow/www/absences/absence-panel.tcl/adp

                                                                          Figure: List of Transition Panels

Edit Panel 

                                                                                  Figure: Editing a Panel

Additional action Buttons are configurable and can be shown based on task assignee and workflow step. For additional information have a look at the source code and function im_absence_new_page_wf_perm_table .

Admin Actions

Admin actions allow "extreme actions" on WF instances.

Admin actions 

Admin actions can be disabled using privileges "Wf suspend case" and Wf cancel case. 

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