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"Controlling" in ]po[ refers to the process of identification, accumulation and analysis of financial information in order to plan, evaluate and control operations. The main purpose of the Controlling process is to provide indicators for the other processes.


Process Activities


  • Monitor all data with impact on the companies financial status
  • Derive actions to be taken on results

Process Input


  • Logged hours
  • Captured customer invoices and provider bills
  • Captured travel expenses
  • Project structures
  • Project tasks associated with materials representing service types


Process Output


  • Profit & Loss per project
  • Profit & Loss per customer
  • Profit & Loss per project manager
  • Profit & Loss per profit center or business unit
  • Profit & Loss per service type


Process Support by ]po[

The following ]po[ packages provide support for this process:

  • Timesheet package captures hours logged by employees per project and ticket.
  • Financial core package implements Profit & Loss per project (Project -> Finance), allowing authorized users to check P&L in real-time.
  • Expenses package allows for capturing travel expenses and to assign these expenses to projects and customers.
  • Core package allows to structure projects in sub-projects or phases. This way it is possible to capture sales, pre-sales and warranty efforts in a project separately from operations costs.
  • Reporting package allows for effective reporting of costs. The finance data-warehouse cube and timesheet data-warehouse cube allow to analyze cost items along a number of dimensions in a data-warehouse drill-down fashion.


Process Performance Incidators

  • Revenues
  • Net margin
  • External/internal costs
  • Productive hours

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