Find Benchmark

This benchmark can provide you with a relevant measure of your hard disk subsystem, which is frequently the bottleneck of a ]po[ installation.


In order to execute the benchmark, please open up a Linux shell (or Windows Cygwin) and type:


# cd ~/packages/
# time find . -type f -exec grep -il asdfasdfsadf {} \;

The ~/packages/ folder contains about 33.000 files (find . -type f | wc -l).


Reference Results

  • 645s: My Windows laptop running a VMware using VMware Server 1.0
  • 169s: Very slow RAID 1 with 2x desktop SATA disks
  • 142s: Badly configured fibre channel disk subsystem with high latency
  • 85s: Normal RAID 1 with 2x 7200 SATA disks
  • 12s: The fastest I/O subsystem we've ever tested (dedicated EMC² Celerra)

Benchmark Interpretation

A benchmark below 100s indicates that you will be able to run 2-3 "concurrent users" or 5-15 "currently connected users" in your ]po[ installation.

Values above 200s will produce unsatisfactory user experience even in small installations.


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