Intranet Project Status

The project status category models the life cycle of a project from the preliminary acquisition and quoting phase onto the development and execution phase, and then finally invoicing the customer and receiving payment.

It is possible to extend the stati in this category.  However, you should not modify the main stati "Potential", "Open", "Closed" and "Deleted".

Project Stati:


Potential stati refer to the sales and pre-sales phases of a project life cycle. During these phases, the sales team may have already logged hours and incurred other types of cost that need to be assigned to a project: but it is not yet clear if the customer will pay for these efforts.

The "Potential" status is used in many places in the system as a hard-coded constant, so please do not modify this status.  If necessary, you can disable this status.

  • Potential
    The project has not yet been initiated but is speculatively being developed.
  • Inquiring
    The first phase of contact with the customer to capture a lead.
  • Qualifying
    The customer checks the qualification and capacity of the provider. 
  • Quoting
    The process of writing up a quote.
  • Quote Out
    Waiting for the customer to sign the project.


This status represents the execution of a project.  "Open" is used as a constant in many parts of the system as a hard coded constant, so you should not modify this status

  • Open 
    Project has been initiated


This status documents why or how a project was terminated.  "Closed" is used as a constant in many parts of the system as a hard coded constant, so you should not modify this status.  A project may be closed in several different ways:
  • Declined
    The customer didn't sign the contract. We lost the project before it went into the "Open" status. 
  • Delivered
    We have successfully delivered the project. This status is the signal to the accounting department that invoicing can start.
  • Invoiced
    The invoice has left the company.
  • Deleted
    Creating the project was a test or an error, or the project had to be deleted for other technical reasons.
    Technically all data remains in the system but reports and other features do not consider any data related to deleted projects. 
  • Canceled
    Either the provider or the customer has canceled the project, even though it already reached the status "Open" at some moment.


  • Potential
    First idea of a project has been created.
  • Inquiring
    The customer is inquiring for more data.
  • Qualifying
    The customer is interested but needs to clarify the capabilities.
  • Quoting
    Preparing a quote for the customer.
  • Quote Out
    The quote has been send to the customer, but no reply has been received yet.

Negative Replies from Pre-Sales:

  • Declined
    The customer has declined on a quote, but there is still a chance to win the project with a new quote.
  • Deleted
    There is no chance anymore to get forward with the project.

Project Execution

  • Open
    The project is being executed.
  • Delivered
    The project has been delivered to the customer.
  • Canceled
    The project has been canceled during the execution.

Invoicing and Payment

  • Invoiced
    An invoice has been sent to the customer.
  • Partially Paid
    We have received some money, but not the whole amount.
  • Closed
    The project has been successfully closed


 Constant Range

 category_id |  category
          71 | Potential
          72 | Inquiring
          73 | Qualifying
          74 | Quoting
          75 | Quote Out
          76 | Open
          77 | Declined
          78 | Delivered
          79 | Invoiced
          81 | Closed
          82 | Deleted
          83 | Canceled


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