ITSM: Service Contract Management

Scenario / Use case:

  • This module should allow planing and managing of budgeted Service Management Contracts. 
  • In a typical scenario a service company gains a Service Contract to maintain a software, or HW infrastructure. 
    In order to ensure responsiveness at any given time during the period of the contract, the total budget will be distributed over the life span of the service contract. 
  • Unforeseen incidents might lead to an overuse of the resources initially assigned for a given period of time, typically one month.
    This requires adjustments for the remaining time of the service contract.
  • Management is interested in total completion and financial success of Service Contracts.
  • Project Managers needs to judge variances to planned units. Planned & unplanned absences might cause missed hour targets for a given period.
  • Employees need to know how much time is planned for the current month and how much they have already spend. 


Features to be implemented should support the planing and management process of Service Contracts:  

Support Planing:

  • Distribute total budget over time and resources
  • Adjust planning during contract life-span
  • Perform planning considering user absences

Support Managing: 

  • Monitor user "time accounts"
  • View burn rate at any time  
  • Show user absences to judge variance to target and adjust planning
  • Monitor financial success of contract

Suggested Implementation:

a) New portlet on Projects Main Page (/intranet/projects/view?project_id=xxx):

  Screenshot Service Contract Management

b) New Status Report 

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