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This package implements the Earned Value Management process (EVM, also sometimes called Earned Value Analysis or EVA) as defined in Earned Value Management (Wikipedia) . It allows users to compared planned with actual and earned costs during the life cycle of a project in a graphical and intuitive way.


The image above shows a typical project that is not going very well with three lines:

  • Work Planned (hours) - The work as defined in the project plan by means of a Gantt diagram or similar
  • Work Done (hours) - The work actually completed, as measured by the "percentage done" value of each task, multiplied with the planned work of that task
  • Work Logged (hours) - The hours logged by the project team while performing the work

In this example, a project manager might deduce:

  • The project is only 70% finished, even though it should be finished already
  • The project is already over budget, even though there are 30% work left to do.

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Procedure Files



im_audit_fake_history       Create project audit entries for all projects. 
im_audit_fake_history_for_project       Creates im_projects_audit entries for the project by splitting the time between start_date and end_date in $intervals pieces and calculates new im_projects_audit entries for the dates based on the information of timesheet hours and financial documents 
im_audit_project_eva_diagram_deprecated       Returns a formatted HTML text to display a timeline of dots based on Lutz Tautenhahn' "Javascript Diagram Builder", v3.3. 
im_earned_value_average_cost       Takes a list of assignees and returns the average cost per hour of these assignees. 
im_earned_value_diagram       Returns a HTML table with a list of tickets that are somehow "related" to the current ticket based on full-text similarity, configuration items, users etc. 

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