Reporting FAQ

  • Documentation of ]po[ tables for reporting
  • Reporting via Crystal Reports
  • New report doesn't show in list of reports


Documentation of ]po[ tables for reporting

> Where do I find information on ]po[ tables for reporting?


Please see the ]po[ Data Model tutorial. This PPT will introduce you to the structure of the database.

Apart from that we recommend to install pgAdminIII (is already installed inside the ]po[ VMware installer). pgAdminIII allows you to browse the tables and their columns.

Finally: Please consider attending our yearly Developer Conference in September in Barcelona. The Data-Model and reporting are the main topics during the tutorial sessions.

Reporting via Crystal Reports

 > Is it possible to write reports outside of ]po[?


Yes, we have seen many customers creating reports in Crystal Reports or MS-Access. You can even store the reports in the filestorage package to somehow integrate these external reports.

The main downside of external reports is permissions and the necessity to install an ODBC-Driver at each user's computer. Integrated reports don't need the driver and allow you to set permissions using the normal "Menu" administration screen.

New report doesn't show in list of reports

> I have created a new report, but I don't see the
> tab in the "Reporting" section


This bug has been fixed in ]po[ V3.4.0.6. for manually created reports.

In earlier versions and after the installation of a new reporting package please go Admin -> Menus. Just loading this page will call a procedure to recalculate the report hierarchy (which is implemented using Menus).

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