@PL/SQL API Overview

The ]po[ PL/SQL API allows external applications to Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) all data in the ]po[ system, allowing for complete control of the ]po[ application.


Access to the PL/SQL API


The ]po[ PL/SQL API can be accessed from external application in several different ways:


  • Access via ODBC (SQL):
    ODBC is an industry standard for accessing databases on the SQL level.
    All PL/SQL API functions below can be accessed via a plain ODBC interface, so that any application can access ]po[, as long as it can connect to the underlying PostgreSQL database.

  • Access via XML-RPC:
    XML-RPC is a light-weight Web-service protocol. ]po[ includes a XML-RPC interface allowing to expose the PL/SQL API.


Other APIs:

  • Access via SOAP:
    SOAP 1.1 is an industry standard for Web-services. ]po[ provides a SOAP API to access all important ]po[ for external applications




Important Concepts

  • Constructors are PL/SQL functions capable of creating a new object.
  • Destructors are PL/SQL functions capable of deleting an object. 
  • Name Functions are PL/SQL functions returning a human readable name for an object. 
  • Shortcut Functions are PL/SQL functions usually returning a certain field of an object, given the object_id.
    All of these functions could be replaced by a simple "join" as part of an SQL query, so these functions are not really necessary.
    However, using these functions allows to keep SQL queries more compact and readable.





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