HR Overtime Management

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Overtime is the time worked beyond an agreed workweek. Overtime can wreak havoc on the operating budget of companies. It therefore needs to be handled with care. To prevent excessive overtime, organizations set an annual or monthly cap on overtime hours. In many of them, a few number of employees makes up for the biggest share of total overtime. Such a disparity should raise a red flag because people who routinely log more hours are candidates for fatigue-related errors.

Process Activities 

  • HR: Review overtime:
    Review overtime per month / per employee / per department / per company
  • HR: Change overtime balance of employee:
    Add overtime not tracked, subtract unauthorized overtime from balance   
  • HR: Approve overtime:
    Mark overtime bookings as approved. 
  • System: Manage overtime balance
    Evaluate Overtime end of month and add/subtract overtime current month from balance.  
  • Ensure Employee Motivation:
    Consulting companies frequently have the problem to keep their consultants motivated by assigning them to "interesting" or prestigious projects. Such companies need to avoid at all cost to assign the same consultant to two less challenging  projects in a row. To avoid this situation, ]po[ provides an assignment history for each user, so that HR staff can judge the situation.

Process Input

  • Required work hours per month / per user
    • Pulled from Employee Information (intranet/users/view -> Portlet: Employee Information -> Availability)
    • Alternatively taken from new to be created Employee attribute (DynField)
  • Regular Working hours per day
    • Can be taken from parameter intranet-timesheet2::TimesheetHoursPerDay if equal for all employees across the entire organization
  • Bank Holidays
    • If there are no regional/country-specific holidays, information can be taken from Absence Management - Absence Type: "Bank Holiday"
    • For regional/country specific holidays a new ]po[ Group needs to be set up for each region/country. Employees are either assigned directly to these groups or through  their offices.  
  • Workweeks
    • In organizations that operate internationally, workweeks might not equal for all Employees (e.g.: MO-FR vs. SUN-THU)     

Process Output  

  • Accumulated overtime balance (per employee, per month)
  • Overtime information per employee
    • Overtime Balance
    • Booking records (if applicable)

Process Support by ]po[

 The following ]po[ packages provide support for this process:

Process Performance Indicators

  • Accumulated overtime 

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